Mabamba Swamp

A visit to the Mabamba Swamp, by the Victoria lake, in Uganda. One of the few places where the famous Shoebill Stork can be observed in the wild.

Quick stop in Kruger Park

While based in Tofo, I had the opportunity to do a quick stop in Kruger Park. It is always an amazing experience to be close to wildlife.

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in Cameroon for Monin

Travelling around Cameroon with the Monin team, documenting their search for new flavors for their new product lines.


5 months traveling in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya. Instagram : @down2africa

Philippines with Tao

I took the Tao cruise in the Philippines between Coron and El Nido. A unique experience, for who wants to go (a bit…) away from the beaten paths.

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Angkor Wat

I seized the opportunity of the TĂȘt holidays right after moving to Vietnam to visit the famous temple of Angkor Wat, in Cambodia. Impressive.

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Improvised Trip in Bolivia

Not knowing quite well where to go for the summer break, my friend Adrien and I decided last minute to head to Bolivia. It looked like this.

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