I have two passions. Let me share them with you.

I have been fascinated by photography and by the ocean for longer than I can recall. But surprisingly, it is relatively late in life that I decided to combine the two. I still love any form of photography assignments and working as a freediving instructor but ask me to shoot underwater and I will immediately put my wetsuit on!

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Freediving Courses

Discovery0.5 Days / 55€

In this course, you will learn the basics of freediving: How to relax, hold your breath, and equalize. You will discover the feeling of diving on a single breath, an experience you will never forget.

Beginner Course2.5 Days / 180€

Get certified from the prestigious AIDA organization, as a Freediver (AIDA 2). You will learn how to safely dive longer, and deeper. After this, you will be autonomous to dive with any club, anywhere in the world.

Advanced Course3 Days / 250€

In this course, we will take your skills much further and certify you AIDA3 (Advanced Freediver). Amongst many other things, you will perfect your equalization and learn how to free-fall.

Underwater Photography CourseContact me for more information

In this special course, you will learn everything you need to know to take stunning underwater pictures: Choice of gear, setups, underwater technique and post-production.

Let's work together

I have worked for 7 years as a Freelance photographer, successfully completing photojournalism and travel photography assignments and personal projects.

I have been working for companies such as Monin, Liquid, Matmata, among others.

Have a look at my portfolio and do get in touch.

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